Our Young Adults

James - age 24

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends.  My favourite holiday was going to the caravan.  I enjoy bowling and dancing.  My friends would describe me as 'happy.' I enjoy going out for a pub meal at the Fairfield Pub.

Matthew - age 22

I enjoy horse riding and swimming.  I don't like spiders or bees.  I laugh the most when I am at a panto but I am a happy person and laugh at most things.  My favourite holiday was when we went to Australia.  I'd love to work at a fire brigade. 

Laura - age 21

I enjoy going on my iPad.  I once won an award for being the smartest student in college.  I enjoy going to McDonalds and the cinemas.  I don't like clowns or pigeons! My friend Adam makes me laugh the most, he is really funny. I like watching football on the telly.

Joel - age 27

I enjoy computers, swimming, playing games and football.  My favourite team is the Boro. I go to watch them at the Riverside.  I don't like spiders and I don't like it when I lose at playing cards.  My favourite holiday was when i went to Spain. 

Chris - age 21

I enjoy meeting up with my friends and walking the dog.  I love visiting my niece Layla and my hobbies are football, bowling and walking.  My favourite group is Little Mix. I enjoy eating out at the Owington Farm and Highland Laddie.

Charlie - age 22

I enjoy socialising with my friends.  I love bowling on the Wii, colouring in, watching the rugby and going to the pub.  I live with my mam, dad and sister.  I get on really well with people and am very sociable.  I attend Riverside College.

Stephen - age 22

In my free time I enjoy going on the iPad.  It makes me happy when its sunny outside, I love the summer.  When I am chilling out I enjoy watching telly and I love eating out at TGI Fridays.

Sarah - age 21

I enjoy being with my friends and having fun.  My biggest fear is spiders! I love swimming, bowling and ice skating. when I am chilling I like to colour in, watch TV or play a Narnia game on my Nintendo DS. My friends would describe me as a cheeky monkey.

Connor - age 23

 I enjoy eating out mostly at Pizza Hut.  I love going swimming, bowling and ice-skating. But most of all I love having a laugh with my friends.  I really enjoyed going to London with my family.

Aaron - age 22

I enjoy going to the cinema, bowling and playing snooker.  I like dancing and singing and I enjoy baking cakes. I have fun with my friends and go to Riverside College during the week.

James - age 24

I love doing the laundry, gardening and i enjoy helping my mum do the cooking.  I have lots of friends and my best friend is James.  I am a very friendly young man who gets on with most people.

Katie - age 19


I'm Katie and I like haging out with my friends and playing with my neice and Nephew.  I don't like watching the soaps but I do like watching telly. I love coming to Vision25 to see all my friends and I feel very happy here.

Aiden - age 19


Hi, my name is Aiden. I am 19 and I like pianos, listening to music, drama and big hula hoops.  I don't like loud noises and I think Vision25 and the people are lovely.

James - age 22

james 2_edited_edited.jpg

my name is James and I like going to the cinema, singing is my favourite thing to do, I also like dancing, pizza and going on the PS2. I don't like loud noises, carrots and people shouting.  I thing Vision25 is great.

Bethany - age 19


My name is Bethany I love watching the soaps and playing bingo.  I like eating out and singing.  I don't like loud noises or horses. I know everyone at Vision25 because they went to my old school,

Sam - age 19


I'm Sam, I enjoy playing pool and watching you tube.  I like batman games and  love eggy bread.  I don't like people who swear or fight, spicy foods and anything that is dangerous.  I have made lots of new friends at Vision25.

Rachel - age 19


My name is Rachel and I like watching the soaps, seeing my friends, going to the cinema, shopping, bowling and Little Mix.  I don't like tomatoes or loud places.  I think Vision25 is really good.

Sophie - age 19


I'm Sophie, I like Dr Who toys, using my iPad, burgers, going on holiday and warm weather.  I don't like it when my brother Jonny teases me and when he drinks all the coca cola.  I like the people at Vision25.

Tom - age 19


I'm Tom and I'm new here. I know a few people already from when I go to Shaw Trust and I know some people from my last college. I like coming here as I have fun and see my friends. 

Liam - age 24


I'm Liam and I like movies, cartoon, going on holiday. I also love cheese pizza, games and bowling.  I don't like spiders, hard work and people who swear. I think I will like it at Vision25, I know some of the group already.

Liam - age 17


I'm Liam. I am new to Vision25. I am kind and thoughtful and like to please everyone.  I go to Beverley School and I am good at maths, art, table tennis, choir. Table tennis in my favourite.  I like to wear ear defenders when its too noisy.

Stephanie - age 23


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