Professional Work Placements

We welcome professionals from all professions to joins us for a rewarding experience of working with our unique young people.


For some courses and jobs, you have to have some appropriate experience. At the very least, you need to demonstrate that you have found out about the role you are interested in and have some understanding of what the work involves.


"Getting some relevant experience is one of the most important things you can do to help you find a career."


How experience will benefit you  


No matter how you gain experience, there are many benefits. It will, for example: provide you with the experience needed for entry to training in certain health careers (if you have a particular career in mind, and out more about a career that interests you and decide whether or not it’s right for you give you the opportunity to develop some transferable skills (ie skills that are useful in any job, such as communication and teamwork) develop your self-confidence, empathy and respect for others give you something to put on your applications and to talk about in interviews to show your commitment, motivation and potential give you the satisfaction of making a difference to patients or clients and staff.


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