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25th November 2017 – I went to daisy chain this week. I went to Middlesbrough college too. I went to the shopping centre with my step mam. I was Christmas shopping for my teachers.

18th November 2017 – last Saturday I saw the mayor. He was nice. He opened the building up. At college I have been playing sports.

21st October 2017 – This week I went to Riverside College. We had a walk around the Tees Barrage. I also went to Middlesbrough football ground to get my football ticket for the next match. I am excited.

30th September 2017 - I went to the fayre. I won a teddy bear. I did some sun bathing. I drank two bottles of blue wicked. I was wobbly. I was with my dad all week. I went to the youth club with Connor on Tuesday.  I am going to the caravan next week with my aunty. 

19th August 2017 – This week it was sunny. We did some fundraising for Vision 25. I raised £120. We are hoping to buy some cameras for everyone. I went to Barnard Castle and went near the water. I slipped in the mud. I also had a curry from the Chinese.

12th August 2017 – This week I went to get my euros for my holiday to Benidorm next week. I went to the youth club on Friday. We went to the shop to ask the boss for something for my tombola.

5th August 2017 - I went out this week to the shop. I bought some shampoo. Yesterday I made myself a cup of tea. I also went kickboxing in Middlesbrough this week.

3rd June 2017 - Gareth came in to show us how to play dodgeball.  I threw the ball at Connor and got him out. I ran up and down and got Rachel out twice.  I had a laugh and lots of fun.  I played the fruit salad game.  I was a banana with Rachel.  When banana was shouted I ran round the circle and back to my place.  When he shouted fruit salad we all had to run around the circle and back to my spot.  I played dodgeball and had to throw the ball at the other person and of we touched them they were out.  Gareth told them to sit down. Gareth is the best guy in the world.

27th May 2017 - Last week I went to the café for dinner with Matty.  I went on the bus.  I got tuna and cheese on a plate with salad.  I sat at the back of the bus and there was only a few people on it.  We went to pier22. My dinner was gorgeous.

13th May 2017

This week I did the garden with my dad.  I was tired afterwards.  I went to the Youthy in Thornaby on Tuesday which I like.  I had an orange fruit shoot when I was there.  On Wednesday I was sunbathing.  On Thursday I used my leisure card to go swimming and on Friday I climbed up the climbing wall at the youthy. I was the highest on the wall.

this week at Vision25 we had a good laugh. We did drama and I liked it. I enjoyed my dinner and then went on the laptop.

6th May 2017

This week I played on my play station 4. I played FIFA because that's my favourite game.  I went to the Boro match - they won 2 - 1. I was a good game.

Today at Vision25 I playe boccia with Gareth.  I was in the red team and our team won.  We threw balls into the hoops first. Sarah was really good at it.  Jeal was cheating. Im excited for Gareth to come back next time.  I want him to do crazy golf.

15th April 2017

I have been at home this week so I went to the cinema to see the new car film which was Fast and Furious with my dad. The film was really good.  I also went to the Dormans pub with Lucy my girlfriend.   Today at Vision25 we did some ink marbling with Creative Village and then cut it out to make Easter cards.  I went on the laptop for a bit and then I made a friendship bunting. On mine was Jess from Creative Village, Lucy my girlfriend and Connor my other friend.  Here it is:-

22nd April 2017

This week I have been to the youth club. I also went for fish and chips because it was Easter so everyone eats fish and chips.  This week at Saturday Club I did a water colour picture and I painted black over the top with a little sponge. It was good. Then I went on the laptop for a bit after dinner. 

29th April 2017

I have been to the Youthy this week where I sang and danced with Connor to Michael Jackson.  I had a carlsberg shandy too.  This week at Vision25 me and Joel wrote a shopping list.  We had our own money and bought tuna, Doritos, Vimto and a newspaper for Joel.  I carried  the basket.  when we got back I was dancing to the radio.  I also listened to Rachel Platten on you tube.

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