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28th October 2017 - I went to see my friends this week at walking group, Christopher and Laura. I have also been packing my suitcase ready for Little Mix next week because we are staying in a hotel. Shout out to my ex is my favourite song from Little Mix.

30th September 2017 - On Monday I got my homework done with Ruth. On Tuesday I went to the gym. It was lovely and fun. I made my mam a cup of tea.  I am very happy because it is my birthday soon. On Friday I seen my friends Laura and Christopher. We played games with my mam and did some dancing.

15th July 2017 – I went to walking group on Thursday. I drank cider last night. I had a chicken korma. It was nice. I watched Narnia on the laptop. I love Narnia.

3rd June 2017 - Gareth showed us how to play dodgeball.  We did a warm up which was the fruit salad game.  Gareth called the fruit and we had to run around the back of the circle. I ran fast as I could.  If he shouted fruit salad, we all had to run really fast.  We went in to 2 teams and played dodge ball.  There was 6 people in each team.  You had to throw the ball to get the m out.  I won the game as I was the only one left in. James tried to catch me out but I was too fast.

13th May 2017

This week I have been watching Narnia. I also went to Middlesbrough College on Tuesday to do gym, English and maths.  I also had an hearing aid test and was very brave.  

This week at Vision25 we did drama.  We were all different people.  I was Susan off Narnia.  Becky was the driver on the bus.  Before that, we did warm-up exercises and circle games.  then we had lunch, I made my own and so did everyone else.  After I washed up I went on the laptop.

6th May 2017

This week I have been to college and did English and Maths.  I have Anne for English and on Wednesday I went to Zumba with Gavin and Lucy who is another teacher.  I went to my walking group too.  I enjoyed watching Faulty Towers.  

This week at Vision25 we played boccia and the coach was called Gareth.  the white ball was called a jack and the rest of the balls were red and blue.  I was on the blue team and I was really good at boccia.  Everyone was cheering for me because I was good at getting the ball in the hoop.  We went to the canteen for dinner. It was a different place this time, it was the Ragworth Community Centre. I liked the sports hall it was very big.

15th April 2017

This week I have been walking with Christopher and Laura and our walking group.  I go with friends.  I've been watching Hollyoaks.  Today I have been working with mabelling inks to make an Easter card and I also made a friendship bunting. I made myself, Perrie and Leanne from Little Mix here it is:- 

22nd April 2017

This week I have been off college so I have watched some telly. I liked watching fault in our stars.  I have been listening to some music and i played a few games on my iPad.  My favourite game has been a Narnia game on the DS with Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmond. It makes me happy that game

29th April 2017

This week at college I have been cooking on Monday with Chris.  We have also been climbing a wall.  I have been doing some maths.  I have been doing my homework in my bedroom.  I also made my mam a cup of tea.  This week at Vision25 I had a cup of tea.  We wrote a list of stuff we were buying from the shop.  I was with Becky and Rachel.  We had £7.  I had grapes, tuna and yogurts on my list.  I put them in the basket.  We went to give  the man the money and waited for my money and receipt.  I walked back to the centre and made my own dinner.  I played on the laptop and looked at Narnia pictures.

8th April 2017

I'm Sarah. I go to Middlesbrough college on Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays.  When I'm there I do maths.  I enjoy coming to Vision25 on Saturdays because I like to see my friends Laura, Adam and Christopher.  We have a laugh on Saturdays.  My favourite part so far is working with clay to  make my mam a mothers day ornament. she liked it.

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