Pathway Two

Pathway two is an excellent meaningful option for young adults with profopund and multiple learning learning disabilities /difficulties.  there are many strands to this option.

1.  Promoting independence is a bespoke package which enables our young peole a chance to use inclusinve technoloty to assist them in the their every day life. thismay include specialist equipment such as switches, buttons, spcialist knives, forks, etc...list, shop, 

2.  Health and Wellbeing for all involves working in lots of differnce scranarios within the centre which gives them the comfort of well being and healthy situations. 

3.  Inclusion for all is engaging in all aspects of community participation ie cinema, swimming, sports bla bla bla

We are based at

Ground Floor, Richard House, Sorbonne Close, Teesdale Business Park, Stockton on Tees. TS17 6DA Tel ; 07708 777 336

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