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12th August 2017 – Two weeks ago I went on a cruise for 14 nights. We started off at Alicante and then we went to Barcelona. After that we went to Italy but just for one day. Then we went back to Spain and on to Gibraltar. We went across the bay of Biscay. The sea was flat but it can be a bit rough sometimes. It made my dad and auntie feel sick. They couldn’t stand still and it made me laugh. We had a sail away party on the boat. There was lots of music and dancing and lots of food and drink. The cabin was really good, it was adapted for my wheelchair. We saw bands and comedians on the night times. I really enjoyed my holiday.

3rd June 2017 - With Gareth we did a warm up games – we put the ball on the cone and then took it in turns to go and get it.  then we swapped over with the next person.  After that we played the fruit salad game we all were given the name of a fruit.  I was a banana.  Gareth said we had to go round the edges fast as we could.  Then we played dodgeball.  We had to make sure we didn’t get hit. I got hit on my wheel straight away but I had 3 lives and so did Barbara.

27th May 2017 - Last week we went on a public bus for lunch.  We walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus.  I showed the driver my bus pass and then I got on.  We went to pier22.  I looked at them menu and for cheese and ha quiche,  I went to the counter and paid myself and waited for my change.  The bank to get to it was very steep and I had to go down it backwards.  When we finished we had a look around the shops but I didn’t find anything.  On Monday I played a gig with my bank in Bamburgh castle.  There was loads of people here.

13th May 2017

This week -  on Tuesday afternoon I have been doing a lot of rehearsals for the show which is all about building confidence.  It is the first show I've been in at the college.  I've been practicing in my Overlander 4 to do my 9 mile through Hamsterley Forest.  I went to youthy last night where I had a catch up with my friends.

Today I have been doing drama games.  We did some role-play where we had to act as a famous person on the bus.  I chose Delboy.  Becky was the driver.  We also played a mirror game where you had to copy your partner.  Stephen was funny standing on one leg and Chris copied.  Chris stood on one leg the longest.  Connor did the splits which was very funny.  I have emailed a drama group about joining up if they have wheelchair access. 

6th May 2017

This week we had bank holiday Monday which meant I did the walk at Saltwell Park to raise money for Heel and Toe.  I had my camouflage onesie on and my mam had her leopard skin one on. Mams has a little flap on it in case she needs the loo.  I will add some photos soon.

On Tuesday I was at college rehearsing for our drama show which is about building confidence.  On Wednesday I started a new project at college with Penny which is called Developing Assertiveness.  We were also learning about being passive and aggressive.. Today I went horse riding, my horse was called Billy. My dad came with me and he side walked me and Billy.  At Vision25 we worked with Gareth from Smile Through Sport. I already knew him from when Whizz Kids did sports.  Today we did Boccia so we threw a jack which is a white boccia ball, Gareth let me throw this and wherever it lands the others throw their coloured boccia ball and try to get the closest.  I was in the red team and we won.  I like Gareth, he is from Sunderland.  He is quite funny.  Gareth has Cerebral Palsy like me.

29th April 2017

This week I have been on BBC Radio Tees.  The presenter came to my house, he is called Ian Wood.  He wanted to know why I was doing the onesie walk on Bank Holiday Monday. It will be at Saltwell Park in Gateshead.  My mam and dad are coming with me and my mam is also putting her onesie on.  People can donate on my giving page.  I spoke on the radio and so did my mam.  When I do the walk I will be using my Overlander 4 wheelchair which is an off-road wheelchair so I am looking forward to that. 

This week at Vision25 I didn't get there till after 11 because I go horse rising first so i arrived just in time to make my lunch then we chilled out on the laptops and I had a chat with my friends to catch up.

22nd April 2017

Last week I didn't come to Saturday club because I went to Skegness with Mark and Scotty. We lived in a caravan for three days.  When I was there I saw Joe McElderry in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat which I liked a lot. We went to the clubhouse on the nighttime.  

Today at Vision25 we did some water colour painting so I had to paint water on my paper first and then while it was soaking wet i added some paint to it which spread out on the page.  later on when Barbara dried it on the hairdryer I used a stencil and put some twigs on it with birds on. it was good.

After that I had my dinner and watched Ed Shearen on the laptop.  Here is my picture I made which I am going to sell once its in a frame.

8th April 2017

I'm Matthew.  I love coming to Vision25 because I get to see my friends.  I also like it when we all go to the pub for lunch.  I also go to Stockton Riverside College.  At the moment we are practicing for a show based on building confidence.  I will be updating my blog weekly.

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