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25th November 2017 – I went to the football match with dad and Tony on Wednesday. Today I am also going to the football match. I went to sports with Sarah, Adam and Christopher. I have been watching the x factor.

18th November 2017 – on Monday I did maths and measuring. On Saturday the mayor came to Vision25. My mam, Janet and Lynn also came. On Wednesday night at 8 o' clock me and Chris are going to the Boro match. My neighbour has had a baby called Frankie.

28th October 2017 - Today I am at Vision 25 and I am so glad Steph is back. She’s my friend who volunteers at Vision 25. I have been listening to Little Mix all week because I am going to see them next week so I am very excited. I am going with Sarah, Chris and Liam.

21st October 2017 – On Wednesday I went to sports with Janet and Sarah. I also have been to work this week. I do Shredding. After work I went home and watched the football with Tony Mullen and my dad. I also watch the x factor on a night. I love Cheryl she’s the best judge.

30th September 2017 - On Thursday we did a one minutes silence. We did some painting with Claire and we had some maths. I'm Friday we did sports. Me and Aimee worked together I'm the office. I am going to a christening soon.

2nd September 2017 - I went walking this week with Chris and Sarah. They are my friends. I also seen my Granddad this week. I played on my iPad too.

26th August 2017  – Gareth came to Vision 25 today and we played cricket. We also played hungry hippo which was fun.

5th August 2017 - I seen my granddad and my grandma and my nana and my granddad this week. I went on my ipad at home and listened to Little Mix. Jesy is my favourite. Jade has purple hair.

22nd July 2017- I went to walking group and it was a sunny day. Yesterday I went to Sixth Form College and we were running around. I went home and played on my ipad.

15th July 2017 – last week I went on holiday with my mam and dad. I went to the zoo. It was great. I got a spider man doll.

3rd June 2017 - I did dodge ball with Gareth and I hit Sarah on her legs which was fun. She was a good player.

27th May 2017 - We went to pier22 and I had a cheese toasties. On Thursday I went to walking group with Chris and Sarah around Norton.  I wished Jean was there with us in the pub.

13th May 2017

This week I went to college with Adam, Sarah and Aisha in a taxi.  I did basket ball and football.  Then we went back to the classroom to watch Little Mix.  I watched emmerdale with my mother. I hope Middlesbrough win today. I want my mam to be happy.

Today at Vision25 we had a good laugh. We were doing drama. I like drama and I like doing acting.  We all were someone else so I was Jessie off Little Mix. I had my lunch and then coloured in with Rach one of our staff. We said goodbye to Steph cos she has gone away on holiday for a long time. she is coming back soon.

6th May 2017

This week I have enjoyed watching Little Mix on You Tube and I also went to my nana and grandads to watch Emmerdale with them.  I also watched Corontation Street which is my favourite.  Today at Vision25 we played boccia and I was in the blue team.  It was Gareth who showed us how to play, he has cerebral palsy. I had to throw the ball in the hoop. My team lost.  Stephen was amazing at it and he didn't even cheat.  next time Gareth comes I want to play football.  After dinner I was drawing with Steph, she is Jenny's daughter and she is better than Tracy off coronation street LOL. 

29th April 2017

I really enjoyed everything this week.  I went to McDonalds for my tea.  I watched the match on the TV with my dad.  I went back to college this week and I went back home afterwards to see my mum and Dad.  I have also seen my Grandma and Granddad.  this week at Vision25 we went shopping.  Me and Chris were in a group.  We wrote a list.  Crisps, bread and ham.  The shop is called the Co-op.  After dinner me and Steph were drawing little Mix pictures and colouring them in. 

22nd April 2017

I am still off college so this week I have been watching telly. I saw home and away and Emmerdale which I like.  Last night I dropped my mam and Jan off at Adam's house they went there for a drink and some fun.  Last night i just listened to some music and went on my iPad.  Today at Saturday club we did some watercolouring with paints.  I put some black paint on top which had a bird on.  I went on the laptop with James and we were laughing at little mix.  I love little mix.

15th April 2017

This week I have been off college so I went to the tip with my mam. My friend Layla came round to see me, she is Christopher's niece.  I had fun with her.  Today at Vision25 we did some ink marbling and then cut it up to make Easter cards which was fun.  We had our dinner which we all made ourselves and then we washed our own plates and cups. I enjoy having a cup of tea.  I went on the laptop for a bit and then I made some friendship bunting. On my bunting was the four girls from Little Mix, Perrie, Jesy, Leanne and Jade.  Here it is:- 

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