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25th November 2017 – I have been to the Shaw Trust and we made Christmas wreaths. I came to vision25 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We had lots of fun. We played snooker and I won. Today I am going to the boro match. I think boro will win and I think the score might be 1-0 to the boro.

18th November 2017 – on Saturday I came to Vision25 and there was lots of people here. The mayor even came.

30th September 2017 - This week I went to Shaw Trust and dug holes for our plants. I say in the garden and got a tan. I went to the football match. 

2nd September 2017 - Last week I went to Scotland. I went on the Go Karts. It was good and I went very fast. I went for a paddle in the sea but the water was too cold.

5th August 2017 -  This week I have been watching tv. I like to watch the horse racing. I also watched Emmerdale. I hoovered up at home. I also played some pool in the Malleable Club. I also went to the youth club. It was fun.

22nd July 2017 -  I went to the Shaw Trust on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I did a lot of planting there and I watered the plants too. I went to a campsite in Scotland. We stayed in a caravan. It was fantastic weather.

3rd June 2017 - Today Gareth came to see us.  We played dodgeball.  We did some warm ups then we played the game.  We had to throw the ball to try to hit the other teams legs.  After that I played cards with Barbara and I won.

27th May 2017 - I went to Pier22 for lunch.  I had parmo and chips. I worker at the Shaw trust where I did some gardening.  It was very hot weather.

13th May 2017

This week I have been busy watching the soaps. I love Coronation Street and Emmerdale.  I have been to the Shaw Trust and potted some plants.  I saw Fast and Furous on the pictures which was good.

This week at Vision we were doing drama which was very funny.  We were pretending to be on a bus. We also played a mirror game where we copied off the person in front. I enjoyed it.  Then I went early cos I was going to the Boro match. 

6th May 2017

This week I have been to the pub to watch the Boro.  I was drinking Guiness.  I went to Daisy Chain to play pool.  I also went to the Shaw Trust where I was digging holes.

Today at Vision25 I enjoyed being in the gym.  We played boccia where we had to get the balls into the hoops on the floor.  A man called Gareth from Smile Through Sport can in and showed us how to play.  We did training first and then had a competition.  the red team won. I really enjoyed it.

8th April 2017

I am going to be writing my blog each week. I am Joel and I go to Vision25 on Saturdays which I love.

22nd April 2017

I didn't come to Saturday club last week because I went on holiday to Scotland with my mam, Anne and the kids.  It was good there and I climbed a mountain.  I have been reading a new book and last week I went on the exercise bike in the gym.  This week at Vision25 I stamped black paint onto a stencil which I put over the top of my water colour.  After dinner I went on the laptop and I was singing really loud.

29th April 2017

I have watched the Boro this week on the telly.  I went to the Shaw Trust where I was digging soil.  I also seen my friend Jonny. This week at Vision25 I walked to the shop and bought ingredients for our lunch.  I bought tuna, newspaper, juice and Doritos.  I have also been singing to Take That on the laptop.

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