What We Offer

We have many activities to offer our members. They have a wide and varied week. 3 days per week is spent in our centre to participating in workshops to develop life skills to enable a smooth tranision into adult life.  We also have worksops as part of an nterprise initiative to either produce or sell goods made by hand. They gain important employability skills which they can transfer into real jobs and work experiences.   2 days per week is spent in the community enjoying recreational activities and opportunities with local inititatives so they are fully integrated into our community.

Art Studio

In Art & Design we work on a selection of exciting topics. These range from greetings cards, art for pleasure, pottery, textiles and needlework.

All our handmade items are available to buy in our shop and online. 

ICT Suite

In our digital media room we get the opportunity to work with stop-motion animation, photography, CV making, letter writing and general ICT skills.

All photography is professionally framed and sold in our shop.

Cookery Skills

we promote cooking for pleasure during our week. the students go shopping and then return to cook their meal



In our workshop we upcycle old furniture to make a profit. We also make decorative items from scratch sometimes from palletts or recycled wood.



Our shop is called ???????????????? and we sell all products made or upcycled in our centre. We use the profits to fund extra activites or holidays for us. 



Our cafe is called ????????????? we use this area for our own lunches and we welcome the public in for lunch. We also use this space for our parents and toddler groups and also our Elderly gathering group for coffee and cake.


Common Room

Our common room is a place we can chill out. we have a TV, pool table, magazines, lovely comfoy chairs and sofas where we can meet and chat with our friends.



In our poly tunnel we grow veg and plants which we sell in our shop. we also grow plants from seed so we canplant them in the grounds of our centre to make it look colourful inthe summer months.


Main Hall

We use our main hall for exercise in the mornings, sports activites and dance activites.


Sensory Room

Our sensory room is a lovely enviroment where we can go and chill out in a lovely ambient place with soothing music



Our hydro pool is a special place to go. we love using it and so do elderly people whi may have arthritis. 


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We are based at

Ground Floor, Richard House, Sorbonne Close, Teesdale Business Park, Stockton on Tees. TS17 6DA Tel ; 07708 777 336

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