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6th May 2017

This week I went to the match.  I have been to college and to the cinema.  I also played games on my iPad.I went to see a Dire Straits tribute band which was good.  I also met the band backstage.  I also went to watch rugby

22nd April 2017

I have still been off college this week so I have been to Barburgh Castle in the caravan. It was a bit sunny and a bit rainy.  I went for the Easter weekend.  I have been shopping and playing on my iPad.  This week at Vision25 I have been doing water colouring. I enjoyed it and then I played on the laptop with Laura.

29th April 2017

I have been playing games on my iPad this week.  I have also been to work at the Shaw Trust where I layered some soil.  I went to the disco on Friday to see all my friends and I have been visiting my family.  This week at vision25 I made a shopping list for our shopping trip. I was working with Connor.  On my list was bread, butter and crisps. I also got sausage rolls.  We counted the money to spend.  We had £7.00.  We worked on crossing the road safely to the shop.  We looked at our shopping list and we went to pay the man.  Connor give the man the money and waited for the change.  We took it back to the Elmwood and made our own lunch with what we bought. It was good.

15th April 2017

This week we have been off college for Easter so I have been to the disco at the Malleable Club.  I also went dancing at Thornaby, it was a lot of fun.  While I was there I saw a lot of my friends like James and Aaron.  This week at Vision25, we have been making marble prints and then cutting them up to make Easter cards.  I made one for Jen and Laura.  We also went on the laptops and had our dinner. I made some friendship bunting with myself and Connor on it. Here it is:-

8th April 2017

I'm James and I go to Stockton Riverside College on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  I also go to the Shaw Trust to do gardening and I attend an art class at Ragworth community centre.  I go to horse riding at the Unicorn centre on Thursday nights.  I will be updating my blog every week.

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