Independent Living


Our Aim:-

To promote independence through our 'Developing Skills for Life' programme.

'Preparing for Adulthood' government outcome:- Independent Living.

Through our ‘Developing Skills for Life’ Programme our young adults are trained in all aspects of life skills.  


These skills can and will be transferred into real life situations to support them if/when they live independently in the future.

  • Time awareness

  • Preparing a meal including basic   kitchen hygiene, simple measuring techniques, setting a table etc.

  • Money management

  • Healthy habits

  • Personal hygiene

  • Physical fitness & well being

  • Staying safe in the community

  • Getting involved with and being part of the community

  • Use of public transport (where appropriate) with and without support

  • Road safety

  • Personal care, including managing medicine, visiting health professionals, healthy living and home management

  • Health & Safety at home

  • Hanging out the washing and ironing clothes

We are based at

Ground Floor, Richard House, Sorbonne Close, Teesdale Business Park, Stockton on Tees. TS17 6DA Tel ; 07708 777 336

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