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25th November 2017 – i went to Vision25 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Monday we went to Stockton Town and bought a quiche, which I ate on Tuesday. It was nice. On Wednesday afternoon I went to the snooker club. I played with Chris, it was good. Thursday and Friday we made wreaths using metal, moss and ribbon. I had fun.

18th November 2017 – this week I was at Vision25 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We went bowling. It was fun. We also did some filing work.

4th November 2017 – I went to the youth club on Tuesday and Friday. I sang One Direction song on the karaoke. Everyone clapped for me. I went swimming yesterday at the gym with my dad after we had been shopping. I bought a spider man magazine and it came with a free book and free stickers.

28th October 2017 - I went to Vision25 on Monday and Tuesday this week. On Monday we went to the park and on Tuesday I went out into Stockton Town looking for a volunteering job. I got one in the Butterwick Charity Shop. On Thursday I went to the Shawtrust. We stayed on site, stacking the pots in trays.

21st October 2017 – I did some gardening this week at the Shaw Trust. We pulled plants out from the ground, the dead ones. I watered the ones that needed to be watered.

30th September 2017 - I was at college in the show on Tuesday. Me Becky, Matthew and Arron. We all sang bad day, shine and don't stop believing. I was the best dancer! I went to college on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I went to the youthy on Friday night. 

12th August 2017 – I went to Alderley Edge for a few days. We stayed in a cottage. We did a lot of walking. The weather was lovely. I bought a spiderman DVD. I went to the Shaw Trust on Thursday and Friday and I made some new friends there. I went to the youthy last night.

5th August 2017 - I went to the youth club on Tuesday and Friday. I went to Bridlington on Friday. We stayed over on Friday and Saturday. I went with my mam and dad and we went in the hot tub.

3rd June 2017 - Gareth come in to teach us how to play dodgeball.  We tried to get people out by throwing the ball at their legs.  We warmed up by playing fruit salad.  I was a strawberry.  I enjoyed it, it was fun.

27th May 2017 - Last Saturday we went to Pier22 for lunch.  I had a cheese and ham panini.  We went on the bus.

13th May 2017

This week at Vision25 we did drama.  We played mirrors and I had to copy what Laura did which was fun.  We acted and pretended we were on a bus. It was funny.  I was Elvis and I did the moves and I tried to do the splits which was very funny. I enjoyed it and laughed a lot. Then we did a bus journey and I was Peter from Narnia. We went to the seaside. Then I had lunch and went on the laptop. Me and Sarah were laughing at things on the laptop. She makes me laugh a lot.

29th April 2017

I went to college and had my packed lunch.  I ate the cheese strings first.  I also went to youth Club.  I seen James Jobson and Stephen Parker.  Me and Stephen sang Michael Jackson on the karaoke.  I had a coke to drink.  I went on the computer and watched Narnia.  Today at Vision25 we wrote a shopping list to go to the shop.  I was working with James.  Butter, crisps, a big bag was on my list and bread as well.  I had £7.  We went outside and walked to the shop.  We looked for crisps and bread and butter and put them in the basket.  I paid for them and got my change.  We walked back and I made my own dinner with my stuff I bought.  I looked at Narnia pictures on the laptop with Sarah.

22nd April 2017

This week I have been eating all my Easter eggs.  I also went to the youth club and played snooker with Stephen. I won woohoo!! I also went on the Karaoke with Stephen and we sang Whitney Houston - I will always love you!

Today we have been doing water colours.  My favourite colour we used was red.  I also played on the laptop for a bit with Sarah we played on a Narnia game. 

15th April 2017

I have been off college this week for Easter holidays so i have been shopping in Teesside Park with my Granddad.  I bought a new blue hat and some red goggles.  Then we went swimming at Fitness First which is near Riverside College. At Vision25 we did some marble printing which I liked and we made Easter cards.  I also went on the laptop and had fun with my friends.  I made a friendship bunting which had Ryan and Stephen on it.  Here it is:-

8th April 2017

I'm Connor, welcome to my blog.  I have been coming to Vision25 since it started and I love it.  I enjoy all of the activities we do there.  We have done arts and crafts, been shopping and using the new laptops which came today.  I am a student at Stockton Riverside College where I study English, maths and ICT.  My best friends at college are James and Aaron.

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