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25th November 2017 – I played tennis on Tuesday with Sarah and Laura. On Tuesday afternoon I went to the library to sort out some books. On Wednesday I learnt about washing my hands. I also played pool on Wednesday and went to the football match.

18th November 2017 – I saw the mayor last week at Vision25’s grand opening. The mayor cut the ribbon and did a speech for us. I did some cleaning at Vision25 and had a sandwich from Rays Deli. On Tuesday I went to sports and I played tennis and basketball. It was really good. I am going to the boro match on Wednesday.

4th November 2017 – I went to sports on Tuesday. I went to café maison in Norton on Wednesday. On Wednesday night I went to Hope and Anchor. I went to walking group on Thursday with Laura Evans and Sarah White. I went to project choice yesterday morning.

28th October 2017 - I went to Preston Park on Monday with the bus number 7. I went to sports on Tuesday. I went to play pool at Room 21 on Wednesday. I went to walking group on Thurs day with Sarah and Laura.

21st October 2017 – I saw some polar bears yesterday at Yorkshire Safari Park in Doncaster. I went to a café on Wednesday. I went to college on Thursday and Friday.

30th September 2017 - I went to college on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Monday I made an omelette with Sarah White. I saw my sister Nicola Mullen on Thursday night and we listened to little mix. I played football on Thursday night.

5th August 2017 - I went to sports on Tuesday with Sarah. I went to Shaw Trust on Wednesday. On Thursday I went to walking group and I had a chicken wrap. On Friday I did sports and went to the gym.

26th August 2017  – I played cricket today with Gareth at Vision 25. I liked it. We played the hoover game too. It’s called Hungry Hippo’s.

15th July 2017 – I went to Bulgaria. I went on the jeep safari and on a boat trip. I also went on a peddlo. I enjoyed it. I played cricket on Friday at sports.

3th June 2017 - Ive been playing stick in the mud and dodgeball with Gareth and I think louis Walsh will get the girl category in the x factor this year. I have been listening to little mix at home and one direction.  I have had my lunch with Smokey bacon crisps which I love.

27th  May 2017 - I went to sports on Tuesday and Friday. We went to pier 22.  I had a parmo.  On Thursday I went to walking group with Sarah and Laura.  On Friday I went on the treadmill and I went bowling with my sister.

13th May 2017

This week, on Monday, I went cooking with Sarah White and we made scrambled eggs, beans with cheese on toast.  Yesterday I went to Jump 360 with Laura.  After that I went to the pub. I was at college on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Today at Vision25 I did drama which was a game and I had to pretend to be on a bus.  I was Gary Barlow on the bus.  I thought it was good fun and I listened to Black Magic after lunch on the laptop.

6th May 2017

This week I did a maths exam at Guisborough on Thursday.  I went for a walk at Hogarth in the West Yorkshire on Monday and I went to the cafe on Wednesday.  I also played football on Thursday.  

Today at Vision25 I played boccia with Gareth.  I was team red and our team won! We had to throw the balls in the hoop and also try to knock the white ball off the cones. 

15th April 2017

This week I gave been off for half term so I have been out with my walking group on Thursday. We went past some bramble bushes in Norton, I was with Laura and Sarah.  On Tueday I did sports at the Forum. We were playing sitting down volley ball. Today at Vision25 I have been making marble pictures and Easter cards.  I also made friendship bunting and mine is me in the middle with Niall (holding a guitar) and Zayn from One Direction. Here it is:-

22nd April 2017

I've still been off college this week so I went to Sparks on Tuesday and did some walking on Thursday with the walking group and Sarah and Laura were there as well.  We did the railway walk in Norton.  I have been to the gym at Queens University on Friday.  This week at Vision25 I have been watercolouring and stenciling. I have been on the laptop I was searching things about Little Mix which I enjoyed. 

29th April 2017

I went to college on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  I went on a cooking course on Monday with Sarah White.  On Wednesday I went to the Boro match and on Thursday I played football at Northfield.  I made sandwiches and salads at Stockton Cultures.  I did some work at college.  Today at Vision25 I went shopping and wrote a shopping list.  On my list was ham, scotch eggs and wotsits.  I was working with Laura. We had to find £7.00 in the tin.  We looked for things in the shop on our list and I paid for them. I got my change and came back to make dinner.

8th April 2017

I'm Christopher.  I like seeing Sarah at the Saturday club and I love going to the pub for dinner.  I go to Askham Bryan in Coulby Newham on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  When I am there I feed the animals. I support the Boro - Up the Boro!!

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