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13th May 2017 -

On Monday I went to college to do maths.  I went to college on Tuesday and Wednesday too.  We did music, that is my favourite.  On Wednesday night Rachel my carer came to my house.  We watched TV and my dog Teddy Bear kicked her off the couch.  Mum went shopping to get me some new cardigans.  On Friday Nana came to look after me. Mum went to get Alex my brother from Uni.  I like it when Alex is home, he is a good brother.  On Friday night at 6 pm Rachel come to chill.  I was playing on my iPad in my room.  I kicked Rachel off my bed so she had to sit on the floor. 

Today at Vision25 we did drama.  We played a game where we had to copy our partner.  We did a small play.  I was Mr Bloom and I was the bus driver.  Then we had dinner.  After dinner I went on the Laptop. 

6th May 2017 -

I have had a busy week.  On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I went to college and we practiced the songs for the show.  On Thursday I had tea with my nana Shirley and on Friday I went to the bikes with my mum which is at Middlesbrough Sports Village.  It was fun but it was hard work. My mum got tired.

Today at Vision25 we played boccia with Gareth, he was the coach.  I was on the blue team but I swapped teams to be on the red team.  The red team won the game.  We had to roll our ball to hit the white one.  The white one was called the jack.

8th April 2017 -

I am Becky.  I go to Riverside College on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  I am 23. I come to Vision25 on Saturdays with my carer Rachel.  I love coming to see my friends on a Saturday and do fun activities.

15th April 2017 -

This week I have been off college so on Tuesday I went to see Peppa Pig at the cinema.  On Thursday I went on a boat trip on Lake Windermere with my dad and Heather and on Friday I made cakes with my mum and Rachel my carer.  I brought them in to Vision25 today to share with my friends.  We also did some marble printing which was fun and I went on the laptop with my new earphones.  I made a friendship bunting with me on it and James.  Here it is:-

29th April 2017 -

This week we went back to college. We did some cooking.  On Wednesday I went with Rachel my carer.  We listened to music.  On Friday we went to the Youth Club and when I got home my brother Alex was there to surprise me.  Today at Vision25 we went shopping.  I worked with Sarah.  We went shopping with a list we wrote together.  We got some money and walked to the shop.  We bought cheese slices, pork pie, crisps, orange juice.  then we walked back and then we made our dinner.  It was yummy.

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